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HTPOW 300mw Laser Pointer Red Laser Pointer High Performance


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300mw Laser Pointer Red  is not only  a romantic atmosphere maker, but also a creative gift for friends !

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★★★Red Laser Pointer introduction!


This  300mw red laser pointer  is just one of laser points on our website. Covered with authentic aluminum alloy, it is sturdy and durable in use. Fine craftsmanship makes it smooth to hold. This professional laser pen is easy to operate. Just gently press the switch button; you will notice a beam of strong red light sending out from the laser pen. With such a portable tool, you can point at any object even from the far. Featuring portable and manually controlled, it enjoys a high reputation in a wide fields. You can use the laser pointer pen for camping, architecture, SOS and astronomy.  You can always find your favorite Laser Pointer with best price and high quality in lasereshop.com. How do you feel like it ? Make a wise decision !


★★★ laser pointer 300mw red laser pointer buy Technical parameters

laser Color red
wavelength 650nm
output 300mw
power Supply 2*AAA
Working Temperature 0℃ - 35℃
storage temperature -10℃~+40℃
model SRL - 030
Material: Copper
Exterior finish: rubber paint, feel good
Way switch: Touch
operating voltage DC3V
Range (m) 500-10000 (the higher the power, the greater the range)
Size: 13mm*147mm
Feature ● The most popular red laser pointer !
● Easy to use because it is a small, portable model !
● You can also put it in a breast pocket !
● A creative gift for friends !
Scope 1. Guide
It's certainly useful when you lost the way in your journey at night.
2. Working in a dark place 
You can point out the most important site when working,or find somethig important in a dark place.
Discotheques , clubs, advertising and other activities.
4.For outdoor travel and adventure
It can lights up somewhere to make a wonder atmosphere in both outdoor activities and journey!
5. For the stars, astronomy
This is a good thing, showing the star's astronomical observation. 
note ★ Remove the battery when not in use.
★ Do not irradiate vehicles, such as automobiles and aircraft.
★Do not irradiated in the direction of people and animals.
High power laser pointer is made of temperature-sensitive material, Please note the time you use it in case of damage.
★ Please keep it away from the child. 

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★★★Power table:

10mW - 30mW
50mW - 80mW
100mW - 180mW
200mW - 1000mW
A green dot visible
Width of the green visible where the illuminated
Beams in the fog and smoke visible
I break a balloon dark or black
I make a hole in the black trash
I attach to meet fire
I have a cigarette


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