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HTPOW Green Laser Pointer 5000mw Adjustable Focus Refers To The Star Pen 5000mw Lasers For Sale


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Green laser 5000mw  Introduction

Thanks for your attention. Today, we would like to recommend you this 5000mW Professional? Green Light Laser Pointer with box (18650 Lithium Battery). Made of top quality material, it is durable for long-term use. There is a switch installed in the side of the pointer; it is easy to operate. It is widely used at the concerts. Coordinating with the splendid performance and the crowd's passion, this pointer helps to promote the atmosphere. Except that, it is perfect for teachers, professors, doctors, managers, engineers and so on. Most of all, this laser pointer doesn't contain any battery. You'd buy additional 18650 battery to make it function. Take one for your daily use!

Laser Pointer Features 1. Green convenient compact portable strongest Powerful Laser Pointer light, it is elegant.
2. made of sturdy aluminum, the surface treatment of aluminum anodic oxide processing, texture is very good, I feel a sense of luxury.
3. Imported import LD and accessories, increase the use of time, more than 8000 hours
Output Power 5000MW
Material Duralumin
Laser color Green Laser
Colors Silver
Appearance Finish Anodized aluminum anodized
How to switch Now a key button, you can open the laser. Press again to close.
Power supply 18650 Rechargeable Battery * 1
Wavelength 532
Laser Ranging About 5000-10000m
Operating Voltage DC3.7V


The set includes

Ultra Powerful Laser Pointer * 1
18650 Rechargeable Battery * 1
Exclusive aluminum box * 1
Charger * 1
Special laser protective glasses * 1

Laser Focus Focus is adjustable and illuminates the point

Focus adjustment Laser pointer:

A  little bit in the dark laser pointer press the switch, and open slowly head while lighting. In the laser beam is irradiated to the object is minimized line width position is a focus position. Head by turning up to two, you can adjust the focus on the desired line width variable.

Lasers Description:

● Beam of light, thereby penetrating the quiet of the night sky, with excellent results over the impact!
● Duralumin material arrives at the appearance of the paint, the texture is good.
● Ttype of radiation and is sustained by a button. If you want to use it to release the hand very useful.
● You can destroy black vinyl and black cloth, to within 20 meters.
● 10-20 seconds can ignite tobacco within eight meters. Through the glass to match, it is such that one gram fire may smoke. It can cut metals such as tin thread.
● You can put the mat in the 10 meters, even though such adjustments in the light outlet, matchday Link Ketari 10 米 focus, and can also be easily broken balloons.

Laser Pointer Green

Green laser pointer

Laser Pointer

 laser pointer 5000mw

Ultra Powerful Laser Pointer

5 in 1 Laser Pointer

Green laser pointer Refers to the star pen

Green laser pointer  Adjustable focus

Laser Pointer

Model Comparison Chart
Output Power 30mW 50mW - 80mW 100mW - 180MW 200mW - 1000MW
Green dot visible
Green beam of light visible in the position
Beam smoke and fog visible  
I broke the black and dark colored balloons  
Make a hole in the black trash    
Set fire to the game    
It lights up a cigarette      

Green Laser Pointer

Powerful Laser Pointer

Green laser pointer 5000mw  star pen

laser pointer 5000mw

High Powered Laser Pointer

green laser pointers

ultra high power laser pointer

Ultra Powerful Laser Pointer

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Ultra Powerful Laser Pointer  High power green laser pointers

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Note: due to the green laser pen is very bright, is particularly dazzling,please don't use when the eyes of man or animal.


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