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HTPOW Green Laser Pointer Pen refers to Star Laser Pen 20MW 2 in 1


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Green indicator: also known as finger star pens, laser pen, handheld lasers, green pen. Because of its very intuitive visible beam, used for indicating the name. Its bright beam, strong anti-stray light interference lines, while being more and more used in teaching / astronomical refers to the stars, the preferred equipment fixed guiding role of astronomy enthusiasts, sports fans, outdoor enthusiasts, and also as a high-end gifts to friends and family.

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20mw green Laser Pointer advantage:
●Laser pen-shaped design, lightweight and elegant!
●metal copper material, plus rubber paint surface treatment feel good.
●20mW enough power, clear and bright beam of light at night!
●The power is moderate.
●The same power best price, the most cost-effective, value for money!

Packing information:
1x 532nm green laser pointers stars 20mW
1x Twinkling Laser head
1x velvet box

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Laser Pointer parameters:

1. Model: KGL-109
2. Material: Copper
3. The appearance of the surface treatment: rubber paint, feel good
4. Switch mode: touch
5. Battery: 2 * AAA
6. wavelength: 532nm
7. Power: 20mW
8. Range: 500-10000 (the higher the power, the greater the range)
9. Operating voltage: DC3V
10. The best working temperature: 0-35 degrees
11. Size: 13mm * 147mm
12. Weight: 46g (without battery)
13. Fixed focus, point-like spot continuous output.

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Green laser pointer range:

Fishing, disco, club and party activities, advertising activities.
◆ outdoor travel and adventure
Lighting, direction, there is a function, etc. tell emergency signal. It is necessary to interesting trips and outdoor activities!
◆ Star observation, astronomy
It is the perfect star to refer to astronomical observation time. Constellation and comments, because at night you can see the blue light from the hands to the sky, I can enjoy your beautiful sky.
◆ the builder / dark work
A much more high-altitude, dangerous irradiated with a laser beam, will result in a fall scene, do not worry!

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Distinguish between different colors laser pointer

Light strength: green> red> indigo violet light
Price Height: Red <Glynn <indigo violet
heat collection performance (ignition): green light <Red light <= indigo violet light
Stability: green <red = indigo violet light
(green light When There used when the strength is there because Samui environment that is influenced by the temperature and pre-heating is required.)

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Green Laser

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Green Beam Laser Pointer

Please note

● Do not move people and animals irradiated.
● Do not irradiate the vehicle, such as cars and airplanes.
● For children, please make sure that the laser pointer of the reach of small children.
● Remove the battery when not in use.
● Use a laser pointer at your own risk.
● Do not continuous use because of the time there are more than two minutes shorten the life of the body of the risk.

Model Comparison Chart
Output Power 30mW 50mW - 80mW 100mW - 180MW 200mW - 1000MW
Green dot visible
Green beam of light visible in the position
Beam smoke and fog visible  
I broke the black and dark colored balloons  
Make a hole in the black trash    
Set fire to the game    
It lights up a cigarette      

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