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HTPOW High Power Green Laser Pointer 3000mw Burning Match Laser Pointer Pen


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Green Laser Pointer Introduction

We have many years of over-the-counter, which offers a new experience in online store services. When our focus is on quality, than at any time in life, it is our business to provide a more religious superior product. Adhere to quality, reputation first. Please purchase your worries.

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High Powered Laser Pointer   use:

● Outdoor adventure / send a distress signal
● For astronomy refers to the stars, green line laser shoot very beautiful, you can accurately show the position of the stars.
● Onsite excavation / construction, long-range precision instructions, to avoid the danger zone approaches.
● The tour guide, distance learning.
● The military leadership or movement, it can also be used, such as fire, flood, emergency local control of the emergency earthquake.

 Laser Pointer green 3000mw

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High power green laser pointers

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3000mw green laser Technical specifications:

Power:3000mW class 4B


Light Color:Green

Body Color:Black

Power Supply:1*18650

Switch Location :  Side

Switch Type:Click

How to use the laser pointer

● Can be used in the dark of night lighting and emergency rescue signal
Hino light, smoke, fog is very effective rescue signal. Because of powerful Laser Pointer can ignite, such as in front of the race and tobacco, burning bush dry by using a laser pointer, grass, leaves, and rescue teams and others tell me. Or turn on the laser pointer directly to you sent a distress signal.

● Warm Body
At low temperatures or in case of rain due by burning laser pointer as leaves and warm the body.

● Dangerous organisms
In the face of dangerous creatures, such as snakes, if exposure to the eyes in an instant, or eye Klein difference, but there is a feeling or blurred vision, blindness, by the power and irradiation time, please note that there is the danger of totally blind.

● Outdoor lighting
Brighter than ordinary LED flashlight laser pen flashlight.

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overseas customers we have only corresponded email mail.Wij offer four types of delivery methods.

Shipping Method feature Om Tracking Time
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3W Powerful Green Laser

Has more than 500mw green laser video, operability, can be power in various situations, luxurious exert more powerful portable laser pointer is an excellent 3 watts. This 3000MW powerful laser pointer is our NO.1 selling products.

The green laser pointers , green laser pointer actual production really 3W and 3W (3000MW) above, it is possible in 1-2 seconds, if the focus Atere, for example, pure white copy paper burning. In addition, since the laser spot and the focal length the larger the larger opening, it becomes highly directional final spotlight.

Sunny day outdoor construction site in the treated area, such as walls and bridges mark (indicating) is fully utilized. That night, I could use a variety of ingenuity, such as observation constellation, because the green light can be clearly seen from the hand to the objects. The semiconductor laser is in an unstable behavior is very advanced technology, even similar in appearance to the manufacture and the amount of light there is something missing. In the evening, as long as it also confirmed at the hands visible light, so please rest assured that moment to rise.

Pay attention:

☆ Please remove the batteries when not in use.
☆ Please do not irradiated toward the vehicle, such as cars and airplanes.
☆ use of a laser pointer at your own risk. It does not bear any responsibility on our side.
☆ Please do not irradiated toward the people and animals.
☆ equal to irradiated toward the dwellings and company of others, please do not act, such as multiplying a person's annoying.

Laser Pointer Pen 3000mw

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Our Guarantees
We guarantee delivery to nearly every country in the world ,covering North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania. We guarantee your laser will be free from defects for a full year from the date of receipt. We guarantee a 30-day money back return policy.


We offer two type of delivery methods.

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