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HTPOW 303 Model Highest Power Laser Pointer 10000mw Green Laser Pointer High Powered Laser Pointers Strong


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NO.1 ! The cheapest 10000mw green Laser pointer, real 10w laser pointer, professional powerful laser pointers light match! Free Shipping ! They are very popular in United States and Europe !

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10000MW Green Laser Pointer Technical Description

This high power green laser pointer has such a strong performance and high quality . It is one of the best-selling laser pointers .We have rich experience in laser pointers , this model is our latest development, with the highest-quality laser pointer and the most perfect internal structure. Robust housing having a helical structure, good pressure resistance, built-in cooling system and the protective layer of the PCB, life of up to 8000 hours. Ultra-high output power, it can quickly ignite matches and cigarettes.

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Powerful Laser Pointer Technical Specification

Output power
Aerospace aluminum alloy
20mm * 147mm
Gently press, and touch.
Focus mode
18650 rechargeable battery
Optimum operating temperature
-0℃〜+ 35℃
Storage temperature
-10℃〜+ 40℃
One Year

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Strong laser pointer package list:

1XLaser Pointer
◆1X18650 Rechargeable Battery
◆1XAdvanced Box
◆1XProtective Glasses


◆5X Cap (with attachments)


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10W Laser Pointer

Lock and Secure
As the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility. These powerful devices are not toys and are for adult use only, so we've built in cipher-locked SmartSwitch technology to give you full control over who can access your laser.

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high powered laser

10w Laser Pointer Light Cigarette

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Powerful Laser Pointer

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Powerful Laser Pointer  Scope:

◆ For leisure and entertainment, such as fishing, DISCO, and advertising
◆Business people, white-collar workers for product demonstrations and presentations in front of customers you can definitely "cool" one up!
◆ Conference speakers, museum / exhibition grounds / Attractions commentator accurately target is indicated, convenient and stylish!
◆ Outdoor travelers, explorers for outdoor lighting, indicating the remote target and send a distress signal.
◆ Star Observation enthusiasts

Powerful Laser Pointer  10w

Powerful Laser Pointer

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Don't allow the laser beam to enter the eye. The laser beam is harmful to eyes, any contact will cause permanent damage. Not the laser point to the crowd, especially in the face.
Don't look directly with your eyes or using binoculars and other equipment to observe the laser beam on the remote control. Never let the laser point to a mirror or other highly reflective surfaces.
Please keep the laser pointer away from children (especially the high powered ones) in order to avoid the damage by the children's contacting.
Don't light laser pointer continually in 30 seconds, it will affect its lifetime for prolonged use.
Please remove the battery from the laser pointer when not in use.
Need to disassemble, adjust or repair, please get professional maintenance technicians.

Our Guarantees
We guarantee delivery to every country in the world (except US, AU, CH, and NZ) or your money back. We guarantee your laser will be free from defects for a full year from the date of receipt. We guarantee a 30-day money back return policy.


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